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No one makes it easier to find your strategic body hair!

To your scattered bodies go!

As a species we've hit the bedtime barrier.

Your father should have taught you how to sharpen your own knives.

'No. It was a nordic feminist nation witth a turkic language. But black.'

This in reference to the Hittites. Stay kooky internet people.


Détruire dit-elle, 1969, Marguerite Duras

"She made up prayers and said them,
Worshipping unknown gods with unknown singing,
Her customary magic, which would cover
The white moon’s face and darken the sun with cloud."


Ovid, Metamorphoses

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Alison Scarpulla


Alison Scarpulla

'When Jack (Eoin Macken) returns home due to the mysterious death of his father, a dark history between him and his brother, Tom (Tom Hopper), resurfaces.Events take an unexpected turn when they find a girl dumped still alive in the moors. What follows is a tragic and surreal tale of love and redemption.'

This could be amazing, but it just makes me want to hurl my computer across the room….

Women in Irish film:

Set in the past: Dignified/fiesty, tragic heroines.


Young- Suicidal teenagers, precocious children

Older - Long suffering mothers

30’3, 40’s - Alcoholic ex-wives/ Alcoholic mothers

All love interests must be beautiful foreign women drawn to broken, emotionally repressed Irish men.

If I get any madder about this, I’ll go to film school.

'Jean (Toni Collette) is slowing killing herself with alcohol and John (Jack Reynor), her son, is her only hope of survival but he is on the verge of a breakdown himself.'


Barrett says about his second feature, “I come from a close family and I have never known anything else, but the reality is that there are plenty of broken families in Ireland and I wanted to explore that.”

Oh do shut up Mr. Barrett.

I can’t remember where this bunny came from. I’ve had it for years. Did I find it? Buy it? Was it a gift? I don’t know why I need to know now, but it is bothering me that I have no memory of where it came from…

I can’t remember where this bunny came from. I’ve had it for years. Did I find it? Buy it? Was it a gift? I don’t know why I need to know now, but it is bothering me that I have no memory of where it came from…





like tbqh i have never seen a movie. *drinks green tea* i only watch films.

i think this is some kind of joke about people using the word film being pretentious?  Which is really weird. I use “film” more often than “movie” because the Dutch word happens to be “film” too. French word too. Why is it pretentious (that’s the joke, right?) in English? It is just one of the two words for the same thing, or…?

a (british) english speaking friend once laughed when i used ‘movie’ and said ‘we call them films here’. i think film is the more common british word and hence more pretentious (at least in the perception of americans) ?

oooh that explains it… I have heard British people use film more often. My mind just went to French, but I suppose that although there are a bunch of Americans who love using French words they do generally try to imitate a British accent if they’re trying to be …uh…I don’t know, posh?? Intellectual?? A Doctor Who character?? Who knows. Dr. Who to be exact. ok no I’ll stop. 

Whatever to do with percieved snobbery, if you search for ‘irish women movies’ you get a bunch of porn sites, but if you search for ‘irish women film’ you get interviews with women in the industry and lists of films depicting the lives of Irish women.



Artwork & original design by Santiago Caruso for the poster of the film THE CURSE OF STYRIA written and directed by Mauricio Chernovetzky & Mark Devendorf. [ The central figure is a reinterpretation of Jean Delville´ s “The Idol of Perversity” ]

Ink & scratch over plastered cardboard / 68 cm x 47 cm / 2014

About the film

Inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu’s “Carmilla,” STYRIA tells the story of a fragile, lonely teenage girl named Lara, who crosses the Iron Curtain with her estranged father, and unknowingly returns to her ancestral home.
In the outskirts of a strange and dark village called Styria, Lara meets Carmilla, a beautiful stranger who takes her on an obsessive, nightmarish journey of discovery, filled with an intoxicating sense of beauty and mystery.

Damn, I want to see this.

And with the wonderful Stephen Rea???!!! This will not come out in theatres here, but I’ll keep an eye out just in case.



I’m so angry. For those not in the know, the new Gaeltacht minister here isn’t fluent in Irish. 

It really shows just how much the government cares about the language. So many people work so hard to keep the language alive, many people speak it from day to day in Gaeltacht areas, this is like a slap in the face to them. 

I mean, he mightn’t be a bad person, but how interested can he be in the language if he hasn’t bothered to learn it himself before getting this job?

this is insane to me! I’m sure there are so many fluent Irish speakers or Gaeltacht natives that would be way better ambassadors for the language and the culture that encompasses it.

Especially with the current fate of Irish as a language, having someone who, you know, can speak the language would be the first fucking question (and most important) I’d ask them in their interview.

I’m quite sure that FG couldn’t get anyone who speaks the language and  would be willing to defend their policies. So they got some young one in the party who was willing to take any job with ‘minister’ in it.

You can read too much Dr. Strange.

You can read too much Dr. Strange.

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