'For the first time in its 600-year history, the Sistine Chapel has been rented out for a private event organized by Porsche…The decision taken by the Vatican under Pope Francis seems to follow in the steps of his predecessor’s views on the subject. “When contemplated in prayer, the Sistine Chapel is even more beautiful, more authentic. It reveals itself in all its richness,” Pope Benedict XVI said in 2012.’



 Maria Negrin

from Celtic Magic Tales by Liam Mac Uistin

Published 1993

The Quest for Aideen

The Fabulous Deeds of the Sons of Tuireann

Deirdre and the Sons of Usnach

We make the noises we can, that’s all. It’s not possible that people will like it. But it may move them. I aim no lower.

Samuel Beckett (from the brand new Letters, Vol. 3)